All success to this Forum!

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All success to this Forum!

Postby hpt » 22 Apr 2007 03:41

It was a great pleasure to learn of this new Forum from a Norwegian friend.

I was born in London and now live in Melbourne, Australia, but had the good fortune to enjoy a wonderful year (1965) living and working in Oslo.

While there I devoted much of my spare time to studying the story of Norwegians in the SS, both in the political branch (Norges SS - Germanske SS Norge) and military (Den norske Lgion and Waffen-SS). I worked through all of the material at Oslo's University Library and also managed to acquire original material (e.g. the books "Legionsminner" and "SS fuer ein Grossgermanien" and the newspapers "Hirdmannen" and "Germaneren" and a complete collection of the illustrated magazine "Munin"), to include photographs.

One project I started while in Norway was to gather all biographical details of as many Norwegians I found to have served in the SS. This was a huge project and is still waiting to be put onto my PC!

Thanks to that research I managed to publish my first book, "Germanische-SS 1940-1945", which has a chapter devoted to Norges SS/GSSN, which of course served as a pool for manpower for the Legion and Waffen-SS. The book came out in a second edition, which allowed me to correct errors and fill in gaps. That chapter is now available on the Nuav website and I am always hoping that I will receive fresh input, especially to allow me to complete the territorial organization of the Norges SS/GSSN across Norway. Very little has been received so far, but perhaps this new Forum will be able to help!

Since that first book, I have also written five on the Waffen-SS, although time has passed and the series not only needs to be completed, but also those first volumes need to be corrected and updated. We covered the "Nordland" Regiment, but have yet to cover Den norske Legion.

Also for Bender Publishing I am now working on Volume 2 in the series "Uniforms Organization and History of the German Police" with my co-author Jack Angolia. We will be covering the German Police in Norway, as well as the NS Police Force under Jonas Lie. If anyone can help with good photographs of the NS Politi I would be most grateful!

I regret not being able to submit this in Norwegian, but my knowledge of the language has become very rusty - in the 40+ years since I lived there I have had very little opportunity to speak/read/write it.

Once again, I would like to wish this new Forum all success.


Postby » 22 Apr 2007 07:19

Welcome to the forum!!! We are very happy to have you here.
When it comes to photos of NS Ploice, I may be able to help you along.

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Postby hpt » 23 Apr 2007 02:52

I'm delighted to be here and will check this Forum as often as time allows.

Any help over Politi photos would be appreciated.


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