SOS show?

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SOS show?

Postby » 15 Feb 2007 17:10

Is anyone here going to the SOS Show in Louisville next week-end?

I will be there with other collector friends from Thursday until Sunday. If anyone else is planning to attend, please let me know.

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Postby Tom Houlihan » 15 Feb 2007 17:19

I went to SOS about three years ago. Fred Nowotny, author of The Good Soldier was there, and I was assigned as his Aide in addition to trying to sell books for Aberjona. You should have seen a particular seller's face when he tried to pass off a GD Parade tunic as 100% authentic, ribbons and all. Fred just said, "Ven I vas in GD, ve never vore zem like zat!" It was classic!

It took me six hours to drive down there. As I headed north to come home, it started raining. As I got further north, it got colder. Rain turned to snow. The return trip took me nine hours. It was a bad night.

I don't know if Aberjona Press is going to be there this time or not, but I'm not. Pity. In the intervening three years, I've "met" some forum Kameraden online that I'd be able to meet in person!
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